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"I have doubled my range of painless neck movement from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. Chiropractic care with Dr. Lynn has also helped me in four sciatic attacks" (Don P).

"With just a few minutes in the hands of a professional like Dr. Lynn, I'm able to live my life and interact with the world pain free" (Rex H.).

"I was having back pain 24/7 before coming to Hausrath Chiropractic. After 7 treatments I woke up in the morning with little or no back pain. There are times that I have forgotten how my back should feel with pain. I question feeling pain free because I'm still having to get used to it" (Dona J).

"Dr. H. is gifted as well as educated, experienced, kind, thoughtful, and caring. After a chiropractic treatment I always feel much better physically as well as mentally" (Terry L.).

"When I first came to see Dr. Lynn I was in such bad pain that even pain medicine wasn't helping much. She has done a super job getting rid of the pain and putting me in much better shape. I don't know what I would have done without her" (Jan S.).

"When I think of chiropractic, I think of peace. No matter what's going on in my life I know when I come in here everything will be alright and I will find that peace. I always leave feeling so good. Dr. Hausrath knows exactly what to do each time to make me better" (Tressie M.).

"Over five years ago when I first had back problems, normal hospital doctors just wanted to medicate me. At that time I really didn't know about chiropractic care and I didn't think it would work, but I had to do something because I was staying home and bills were piling up.I made an appointment with Dr. Lynn from a recommendation by a friend and within three adjustments I started to feel the shooting pain in my back and left leg go away. Many adjustments later I was able to walk standing straight up, go back to work, and stop worrying about where money would come from to pay bills. Several years later, the only time I would come in to see Dr. Lynn for an adjustment (about every four months or so) was when I felt pain in my back or leg, but by that time the pain would be so bad it would take several adjustments to get my back into place, and I would still have pain between those adjustments.  Dr. Lynn suggested that I start a once a month adjustment to keep my back aligned and avoid all that pain. I started the once a month adjustments and ever since I have not felt any pain in my back or leg like I would before. Thank you, Dr. Lynn, for suggesting the monthly adjustments" (Kurt B.).

"Since I have been getting massages, I have been pain free and my posture has improved. After the massage and getting an adjustment from Dr. Hausrath I feel great. Brittni, the receptionist always calls a day ahead so that I remember to come in the next day. I highly recommend that other people follow my regular visits to Hausrath Chiropractic and perhaps they will also experience the wonderful service I have received" (Raymond Y.).

"I was kind of skeptical of chiropractors, but Dr. Lynn has definitely changed my mind. She helped my back and neck issues, and I continue to come monthly for a 'tune-up.' She is a wonderfully caring doctor to her patients. She and Brittni are the best!" (Judy R.)

"Chiropractic has helped me very, very much, because I couldn't turn my neck or lie down before and now I can. I can do it with no problem now. It's beautiful! I'm so happy to be here" (Laura M.).

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"So glad to see Dr. Lynn again and get my back and neck adjustment. I was way past my 50,000 mile check up!"

"Several in our family receive treatment from Hausrath Chiropractic. Dr. Peters recently diagnosed my difficulty & suggested a treatment plan to correct the issue, including in-office visits as well as exercises for me to do on my own. I am looking forward to continuing my treatments with Dr. Peters. I highly recommend Hausrath Chiropractic."

"Dr. Hausrath is very kind and caring. She is strong and able to do the necessary adjustments, but is gentle in her manner. I always leave feeling relieved and cared for."

"I always look forward to seeing Dr Hausrath she is very pleasant and gentle person.I always leave her office relieved and energized for my next project I have bin a patient for many years my job is very physical so I'm constantly injuring something but a quick visit and Im on the road again.My Wife and daughters all go to Dr. Hausrath for relief. I highly recommend Her for your needs."

*"I have a spine and neck injury from a fall along with a few other mishaps as part of life's journey. Dr. Lynn is so skilled at finding the exact places I hurt and making them feel better. I have benefited from the at home exercise and other suggestions to help me heal. I am a firm believer in the benefits of chiropractic and massage. I will continue to recommend to others that might be in need of treatment."*

"I've been seeing Dr. Lynn off and on for years and she never fails to help me feel better. She also gives very good self-care advice to do on my own at home and at the gym."

"Dr Lynn skillfully goes after the problem with simplicity and genuine concern. She helps me to understand the problem and teaches me what I can do to help the healing - perhaps by doing exercises or by changing patterns of movement which might cause/aggravate the problem. She and her staff are empathetic and respectful."

"I have a shoulder back injury from a fall, and Hausrath Chiropractic was recommended by a friend. I am very pleased to say that not only have my adjustments been beneficial, I also received helpful exercises to do at home that aid in my recovery process. I highly recommend to anyone needing chiropractic work."

"I have whiplash from a recent auto accident, and Hausrath Chiropractic was recommended to me by my co-worker. The service I received was helpful and friendly and accommodating. Dr. Peters asked me a lot of questions, told me what she noticed that needed work, and then did a massage and adjustment. The price of the visits is more affordable than other chiropractors I've seen in the past, for which I'm very thankful! I would recommend this office to others who need body work."

"Dr Lynn is kind, gentle, gifted and experienced in bringing the body into alignment.She has a very special healing gift. Also if you have a few minutes before your appt take some time to sit in the massage chair. It is a nice treat for oneself and really helps promote even more healing."

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